Meet the Bloggers

Tom Costello, Tommy’s Basement Theatre

There is no doubt that Tommy’s Basement Theatre will be one of the more controversial articles featured on 2L. Tommy has very limited credentials and has only seen a handful of movies in his life, but he holds very strong opinions about things. Also, look forward to this article leaking over into general social commentary.

About Tommy

Favorite Film: Million Dollar Baby/ The Next Karate Kid

Favorite Actor/ Actress: Hilary Swank

  • Sean and Teddy/ Potpourri

    Sean Corcoran & Teddy Graham, Potpourri

    From inside their Park Slope loft, writing partners Sean & Teddy will be contributing Potpourri.

    “It [Potpourri] is going to be a whole mix of
    things. You know…things that me and Teddy
    want to talk about.”
    – Sean

  • Brendan Flynn, Ski and Boating

    Ski Credentials
    Brendan Flynn worked at the ski and ride school at Okemo Mountain in Vermont for one winter.

    Boating Credentials
    Brendan’s father occasionally lets him use his boat after he completes his chores. He plans on purchasing his own boat and moving out of his parents’ house soon.

  • Bryan Morvay, Travel and Leisure

    Bryan has traveled more than most. He likes to joke that they based the George Clooney character from “Up in the Air” on him. “I’m still waiting for my royalty check, George!” he will sometimes exclaim.

    Bryan also loves to relax and partake in leisure. He also loves the New York Knicks. He lives in Hawaii.

  • Patrick Mescall, Restaurant Ettiquette

    Dining out can be confusing. That’s why we have etiquette expert and dining connoisseur, Patrick Mescall. This old pro is known for tipping over 100% at bars and, later, being forcefully removed from that bar.

    Patrick tends bar at The Salt Creek Grille in El Segundo, CA. He wears a size 16 shoe.

  • Ian Lanz, Golf and Leather Goods

    When 2L went looking for a golf writer, there was no question who to head to – dilettante golfer, Ian Lanz. What we didn’t know was that this same man would also have such an appreciation for fine leather goods!

    “I like golf, and I respect leather.” – Ian Lanz

    Ian “E Woods” Lanz grew up in Bay Park, NY, which features a 9-hole golf course adjacent to a sewage processing plant. Ian is not a golf pro. He is an accountant. However, he does not know how to do his own taxes. He lives with his parents.

  • Nicholas Cangemi, Exploration & Gadget Tester

    Nicholas has his finger in a lot of pots. But, don’t worry. He’s cooking at above 165 degrees, so the germs will burn off.

    Have you ever heard it said that, “Bear Grylls is the Nicholas Cangemi of the Discovery Channel?” No? Well, our resident outdoorsman will hold our hand as we traverse the vast wilderness that is Long Island, together. No one does Brawny-chic like Nicholas. Oh, Columbia, you make a bug-repellent shirt designed for fly-fisherman? WATCH NICK WEAR IT OUT TO THE LONG BEACH BARS!

    Dichotomously, Nick will also serve as 2L’s gadget tester. So, gizmos beware! He will do things like review whatever cell phone he has once every 2 years.


    8 responses to “Meet the Bloggers

    1. Amy

      I am so excited to read Teddy’s first piece!

    2. I wish “tombo” spoke about his shoe fetish

    3. Michael Shane

      I sure hope you guys expand on your leather goods section…For I am yet to settle on a noble weekend bag. Fingers crossed.

    4. Tommy

      Who am I?
      “I need job. Why can’t I get a job? I worked on Ugly Betty- I have experience.”

    5. I don’t think you guys are losers! Well… who am I kidding… yes I do!

      Great blog, I really like it! Start a Twitter account. 🙂

    6. Travel & Leisure

      bring back the 2L, I have alot of new articles that need read

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