Nicholas Cangemi Joins 2L

Somewhat interesting news.

[insert Stephen Hawking robot voice]

The Universe 2L writing staff is EXPANDING!

Nick will be contributing recurring articles on Exploration & Gagdet Testing.

    “I’ll be submitting most of my articles from my gadgets because I’ll be out exploring.” – Nicholas Cangemi

Check out his new profile in the Meet the Bloggers section of our site to learn more!


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Great Live Music on L.I. this Friday Night

Diamond Ray Finch, Mike Adams & Johnny Pierre

RS Jones
153 Merrick Ave
Merrick, NY

Date: 1/14/11
Showtime: 7:30PM

Come enjoy a night of musical hi-jinks…

Along with some tasty cover versions, the band will be performing a selection of their favorite Freelance Vandals songs!

RS Jones offers a bunch of great eats, so if you plan on having dinner during the show…

Call 516-378-7177 for dinner reservations…

Hope to see y’all there!

Come on down & lose those snow blower blues, eh?

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The number of uninsured Americans has soared to well above 50 million. Included in that number are the very successful people who write this blog and roughly 99.9% of our readers.

For your benefit, 2L will feature a recurring segment called Ask Dr. Lenny in which readers can submit their questions to the doctor and receive free medical advice.

Dr. Lenny is graduate of La Universidad Del Noreste in Mexico. He has decades of experience in internal medicine and emergency care. He is currently self-employed.

Have a question for Dr. Lenny? Fill out the form below and submit it. We’ll post his answers as soon as possible.

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Le Fantome de l’Brewery

By Rory Corcoran, Editor in Chief

I was very flattered, today, when my dear friend, Kelly Mescall, endorsed 2Losers on her blog, The Daily Snip.

The latest post on The Daily Snip included a video clip of Kelly’s grandfather, Gerald Mescall (whom is referred to as “Par” by his family). In the clip, Par comments on the latest snowfall to beset Long Island from the front door of his home in Babylon, NY. Yet, I must say that when I watched the video, I noticed that something about Par was amiss. And then it dawned on me…

As Par looked out at the various-shaped snowflakes that descended from the heavens, his thoughts undoubtedly drifted to another icy cold pleasure of his – one which, unfortunately, he is deprived of these days.

That pleasure is Coors Extra Gold, a crisp golden lager formerly produced by Coors Brewing Company. You see, on various occasions, Par and I have sat and ruminated about our mutual adoration for this celestial libation. We have also discussed the ire we both feel over the fact that, in recent years, the beer has seemingly vanished from store shelves in our area.

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Is “Ian’s Leather Golf Bag” Par for the Course?

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“The Social Network” Lunch Meeting

I made a video of these funny computer things reading a scene from The Social Network to prove that:

1) Sorkin is GENIUS!
2) Eisenberg is an overrated D-Bag
3) JT can dance

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“Ian’s Leather Golf Bag” Debuts: A State of the PGA

By Ian “E” Lanz, Ian’s Leather Golf Bag

Hey everybody! – Ian here. I’m an accountant, and I still live with my parents (not for long, though – fingers crossed!). I’ve yet to find a good thing about being an accountant. It seemed like a good idea when I was in my 6th year of college, but, now, I dread the reaction I get when I tell people what I do. Most of the time they ask “Oh, can you do my taxes for me? Heh heh.” As if that’s the only thing we do (jerks!). I can barely do my own.

Here, on 2L, you will have the distinguished privilege of reading me until I, inevitably, kill myself. Until then, I’ll be writing about golf, leather goods and other random stuff. Just a warning, though – I hate golf, and I strongly disapprove of leather.


This past weekend marked the start of the PGA Tour season. As usual, the season opened in Kapalua, Hawaii with its Tournament of Champions sponsored by Hyundai.

“Hyundai…Drive Your Way.”

"Get off me!"

The action got off to a rough start with defending champ Geoff Ogilvy withdrawing after slicing his hand on a coral reef prior to the event. Not to mention Camilo Villegas’ disqualification after a fan watching on TV called in and snitched on him regarding a rules violation. Villegas was notified of the violation after he had signed an incorrect scorecard, rendering him ineligible. In the end, it came down to a 2-man playoff with Jonathan Byrd defeating Robert Garrigus in extra holes!
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