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Le Fantome de l’Brewery

By Rory Corcoran, Editor in Chief

I was very flattered, today, when my dear friend, Kelly Mescall, endorsed 2Losers on her blog, The Daily Snip.

The latest post on The Daily Snip included a video clip of Kelly’s grandfather, Gerald Mescall (whom is referred to as “Par” by his family). In the clip, Par comments on the latest snowfall to beset Long Island from the front door of his home in Babylon, NY. Yet, I must say that when I watched the video, I noticed that something about Par was amiss. And then it dawned on me…

As Par looked out at the various-shaped snowflakes that descended from the heavens, his thoughts undoubtedly drifted to another icy cold pleasure of his – one which, unfortunately, he is deprived of these days.

That pleasure is Coors Extra Gold, a crisp golden lager formerly produced by Coors Brewing Company. You see, on various occasions, Par and I have sat and ruminated about our mutual adoration for this celestial libation. We have also discussed the ire we both feel over the fact that, in recent years, the beer has seemingly vanished from store shelves in our area.

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